After tonight's lackluster Pay Per View, it's good to see a wrestling clip going viral.

Tonight was the last PPV on the road to Wrestlemania, and many fans were disappointed to say the least. Safe to say we are in for a less than exhilarating night in April when Wrestlemania comes to Dallas.

For all the wrestling fans out there, it seems like there have been two situations that popped up today to grab our attentions. It seems that WWE NXT has finally grabbed one of the hottest free agents around, 14-year veteran Shinsuke Nakamura. While many wrestling fans are excited to see what HHH has in store for the King of Strong Style, another sweeter and funnier video is also making the rounds online.

Independent wrestler Joey Ryan popped the question to his longtime girlfriend Laura James during a inter-gender match in San Diego, California. During the Finest City Wrestling match, Ryan throws James into the ref and while he is completely selling the injury James is preoccupied checking on him. During this time Ryan is able to grab the ring he's stashed and get down on one knee to surprise his girlfriend. Right after she says yes, Joey Ryan tricks her into another kiss, which he turns into a rollup and is able to pin her.

Joey Ryan, the ultimate smooth operator, getting the girl and the win.