If you're feeling extra frisky today, turns out you're not alone. Be sure to wrap it up or get it on depending if you want a bundle of joy in about nine months. Love is in the air today, or magic or something that has caused people to get pregnant today more than any other day of the year. Why? I'll explain. Or try to.

According to Romper, September is the most popular birth month for babies in the United States and beyond. In fact, China, Japan, Lebanon, Israel, the UK and regions of Africa all report an uptick in births during the month of September. Doing the math, that means the most popular month of conception would be December. Statistics get even more precise saying the most popular birthday is September 17th, which means today, December 11th, is the most popular day of conception.

There are many reasons that have been listed in the past as potential causes to the large influx of baby making time during December. Some say it could be the cold weather causing some to cuddle under the covers more than normal, or the holidays and the Christmas spirit this time of year. But the only areas not seeing a rise in babies 9 months later is for areas close to the equator. Plus in countries like China, Israel, Japan, and others Christmas isn't a holiday as widely celebrated as it is here. So what could be the cause? Check out the Romper website to read more about how the winter and summer solstice could play a factor in the love making that happens on December 11th. And make sure if you are or aren't looking to add another member to your family, you're prepared either way.

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