When it comes to your favorite baseball team you go to extreme lengths just to catch a foul ball. There have been fights between fans that have caught a foul ball in the stadium. Just recently one dude was lucky enough to have the shot at catching two foul balls. Unfortunately, the poor guy had the worst luck at a Los Angeles Dodgers game. Let's just say he was having a Friday the 13th kind of day at the Dodgers game. The first attempt the poor guy dropped his hot dog and fries but scooped up the foul ball. Give it a little more time and you will see the poor guy lose a second foul ball and his pizza. This dude clearly cared more about catching those foul balls over saving his food. If you were also in the same situation, would you also try and rescue a foul ball? After all, the food does cost a lot of money at a baseball game. Take the poll down below!


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