Neighbors are getting into a heated debate on social media about whether or not it's rude and invasive to open a neighbor's trash can to throw away dog poop.

NextDoor app is a social media site that's great for people like me who enjoy seeing what triggers people easily. There can be some serious issues in the neighborhood that are addressed, like cars being broken into or suspicious vehicles, but sometimes arguments can begin over the tiniest issues.

A few weeks ago, there was an argument regarding someone leaving their trashcans out on the sidewalk too long and an irate neighbor who proceeded to throw the trashcans into the person's yard. Obviously many were shocked by the behavior and defended the neighbor who left the trashcans out. But the newest argument on NextDoor has many in the community conflicted.

When out walking your dog, everyone knows to bring a dog poop bag with them to clean up after their pet. But the issue is what people are doing with the bags after cleaning up after their pet. Some neighbors are getting upset over people using their trashcans to dispose of dog feces. The overall consensus for neighbors seems to be it's better to have the poop thrown away into a trash receptacle than left in someone's yard. But there were neighbors who said it was "inappropriate and invasive to open other people's trash can." Others said they didn't want the dog poop smelling up their trash cans and attracting flies. Never mind the fact they most likely get flies from food and other things they're throwing away but hey, that's their argument.

Either way, you look at it, some in the neighborhood were saying it would be a good idea to get stickers on trash cans that are "dog poop friendly" so neighbors know where they can throw the poop. If someone in my neighborhood starts this trend, I would absolutely get behind it. I'd rather see dog poop in my outdoor trashcan than risk stepping on poop left in my yard.

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