The Biggest Bounce House in America is coming to El Paso this weekend! Find out where and how to get tickets to this bouncy event!

Get ready for the biggest bounce house in the world to come to El Paso for your enjoyment! Tons of things to do, lots of bright colors, a giant inflatable castle and more is what you'll find. There's over 10,000 square feet for you to enjoy with giant inflatable characters, ball pits, and obstacles that you can climb on, slide down and play all over.

Here some of the great things you can enjoy inside the bounce house: different zones with ball pits, slides, basketball hoops and even chill out zones for you to hangout in. There is also a DJ area set up for music, games and competitions during the bounce sessions.

Outside of the bounce house, you don't need a ticket to enjoy any of the activities so you can come early and enjoy the area. There will be even more games you can play and prizes you can win. There are also more areas for you to sit down and relax after enjoying the bounce house.

If you would like to check out Big Bounce America, there will be three different age sessions:

  • Junior- slower paced for kids 7 and under. Kids 4 and under must be accompanied
  • Bigger Kids- Kids 15 and under. Kids 4 and under must be accompanied by a parent
  • Adult- Sessions are for people 16 and up

The Big Bounce America Bounce House will be at the Modesto Gomez park, located at 4600 Edna Road El Paso, Texas 79905.

Tickets for the bounce house are:

  • Kids 2 and under- $5
  • Regular Tickets- $19
  • Adult Session- $22

You can purchase your tickets here.