Women were asked what were some of the things they looked for in a man. Their responses might surprise you.


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    Women Love Men of a Few Words

    Women love men who communicate with them, but it doesn't always have to be talking! Women love eye contact and that could be just enough for them. Offer just a few words along with deep eye contact, maybe even a touch on the shoulder or cheek (not like John Travolta though) and ladies will swoon.

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    Women Love Furry Men

    No, but really! Beards and long hair have been in style for quite sometime, but a study at the Zoological Society of San Diego found that women are more attracted to men with hairy bodies. Scientists believe this may be because they are a positive sign for a potential mate. Myself personally? Nothing is more attractive to me than a man with hair on his chest. It shows he's manly and could maybe cut down a tree or change my oil. He may not be able to but I still love the look of some fur on a man.

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    Your Love for Your Favorite Sports Team Is a Turn On

    I may not be into sports as much as you (or at all), but it's not a turn off that you are. This shows that you do get emotional over something. You're not a cold hearted person who doesn't care about anything. Plus, if you get excited and ready for a romp right after a big win, just a bonus for us ladies.

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    Women Don't Find Acting Tough a Turn Off

    This goes along with the women like bad boys thought. It's still true. But don't over do it and be douche, a little goes a long way. Take her on an exciting date, a scary movie or protect her in a crowd at a concert. Easy ways to show her you're there to keep her safe.

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    Women like to See Your Artistic Side

    A study found that men in a creative job (artists, poets, etc) had 4-10 relationships, compared to guys in regular jobs who had one three. You don't have to go and start sculpting or painting full time though, simply show off your hobby that makes you unique. Play an instrument, like going to plays, painting and drinking classes or taking photos? All those show her how unique you are.

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    Women Actually Enjoy Your Geeky Electronics

    This is completely. If I meet a guy who owns video games, an iPad, Macbook, iPod, the newest entertainment system and some fancy workout tech I am melting. This shows that a guy is not only well versed in technology but he is also intelligent and takes the time to learn new things. Plus, when something of mine breaks, I know he can fix it for me. Then I'll owe him some sort of present.