After years of dedication, Marina V Shifrin decided to quit her job of making news videos by creating one of her own. Dance like nobody is watching!

The quality of videos streaming all over media, aren't the most intelligent but pretty damn entertaining. Shifrin was tired of her boss always nagging about the need for his employees to quickly release videos instead of working on the quality, so she followed his method. Using Kanye West's song "Gone", Shifrin dances her heart out as we read her reason for quitting.

If you are able to take your eyes off her sweet dance moves, you begin to realize there is a deeper meaning to all this ass shaking. Shifrin believes she has wasted her time and energy working for this company. She has also sacrificed relationships for this job and probably has ten cats.

After this video hits a million views, I hope she will be getting dates and job opportunities for her bold move. Who hasn't wanted to quit a crappy job using Kanye's inspirational words? I think I would have used "Golddigger" just so I could do that sweet Kanye neck snap dance.


I give my respect to this dancing queen!

Listen to KLAQ and KISSFM and make your own quitting video!