When you become a driver for a company is when you can say you've scored an easy job! A friend of mine has told me some great stories about being an Uber driver.

After having to use Uber for quite some time, I thought about how easy of a job it is. Imagine, it's like you're your own boss in a way. I read something that had me laughing hysterically, but the more you read into it is sad but true! I made a list of the reasons I believe being a driver is an easy and fun job. Sometimes it can be a tough time looking for a job in El Paso but not if you have a four-door vehicle that's reliable. It's like Uber and Lyft drivers get to tell the funniest work stories! One kind of story is when they work the last call hours.

Driving around some random strangers as a temporary job doesn't sound so bad after all!

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    Working On Your Schedule

    Being a driver is a great job if you need a schedule that works around weird times. You can work the hours that allow you to still earn money if you can't do a 9 to 5. It also helps out if you're a single mom or dad.

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    Listening to your music playlist

    Music is what makes your cruise to your destination a fun drive! No one would mind having their work office be the inside of their vehicle. Yeah, space may be a little tight but you can pick the tunes for your workday.

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    Networking/ Meeting new people

    I met some pretty cool people when I had to use Uber for a while. I met this one chick who shared a lot of similarities with who I still remain friends with. Working as a chauffeur is also a great way to Network. You meet all kinds of people depending on the time you work. The funny ones are usually during last call hours.

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    Witnessing the ugly truth

    I remember a story someone told me that left me in shock. My former Uber driver who I remained friends with told me one crazy story. She had never liked this guy her good friend was dating. She was able to save her good friend from an unfaithful dude because of her job. When she decided to work the late night shift it was an answer from God. She ended up dropping off some chick that was sleeping with her good friend's significant other.