It's sometimes fun to look back at your fashion statement back in the day compared to how it is now. Well found this great gem that Parangaracuatimiricu published on YouTube many years ago.

Since it's Thursday I thought it was time for a throwback moment taking it back to 1990. A lot has changed since 1990 like the dance moves and the fashion sense. The guys are called up to the stage to perform their dance they choreographed together. The overalls and baggy hoodies were a cool fashion statement that also gives away the time period. In 1990 I was about 6 and was into Vanilla Ice and the dance moves you will see above. It's crazy to look back and witness how much has changed over time. What is even crazier is how some clothing items are making their way back to our times now.

If you could go for a hell of a throwback then this video will definitely get the job done!

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