Just because Duff McKagan is a rock n' roller doesn't mean he isn't a hip-hopper! Duff clearly has a fun and spontaneous side when he's around good company.

Guns N' Roses Central caught the greatest moment on camera of the American bass guitarist showing off some familiar moves. Duff got in formation to re-enact Beyonce's "Single Ladies" with his crew. It's cute to see Duff actually step out of his usual music comfort zone to something different. If Duff McKagan put more oomph into this quick skit he could possibly add dancing skills to his resume. I think it would be awesome if Duff actually showed off these moves on stage with Guns N' Roses. This is proof that Duff isn't just about rock n' roll 24/7 when he's got some down time.

So if you would want to see the other side of Duff besides his usual rock n' roll status watch the video above!

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