For all you fellow peeps who hate those people who just randomly sit on parked car, this videos for you.

People are rude. Some people are so rude that they don't have any respect for a poor, innocent parked car. They just plop their butts right on the hood or a bumper of a car and don't even ask for permission. I've dealt with this situation at UTEP.

One night after a stressful night class, I was so excited to finally get in my car and start my long drive back home. Unfortunately, I found a couple making out on the back bumper of my car. As soon as I set off my alarm they fled like cockroaches. Watching this video makes me wish I could have sped off and left them fall on their butts. Can you tell I am still a little bitter about romance? But that's besides the point.

Let this video be a message to you rude people who sit on parked cars that don't belong to you. Cars are meant for driving not sitting.

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