Shark attacks have been happening recently in North Carolina and people are wondering why this incidents are occurring so much. One woman has taken to YouTube to inform people on why sharks are attacking people this summer.

This Tennessee woman makes a good point, "That's the shark's house."  She offers some "summer safety tips" on how to protect yourself from a shark attack. Basically, she is telling swimmers that they are in the shark's house and shouldn't be surprised when they get become a chew toy.

She continues to explain her argument by describing what would happen if a chicken comes into her house. You know what she will do when a chicken comes into her house? Eat it. Yup, she will eat a chicken if it comes into her house. Anything that will come into her house, she will most likely eat it. I am a little terrified of what would happen to me if I step in her house.

I appreciate her enthusiasm to warn people about the dangers in the water, but I think she needs to offer some safety tips for driving. She really shouldn't be filming this video while driving. That's the real safety video we need.

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