People have been asking, and we're FINALLY letting you know how you can see Chris Jericho in El Paso!

Chris Jericho's Fozzy is in for one hell of a Saturday this month! The band is going on a whirlwind day, seeing fans in 3 different time zones all in one day! The band is starting off with breakfast in Florida and ending the day in Las Vegas, but the big deal is they will be spending the middle of their day right here in El Paso! A small group of lucky KLAQ fans will be able to see this exclusive concert, and meet with Chris Jericho and Fozzy!

Want to win?

We know you do. Everybody does! And this week and next week you will have your chance. KLAQ is looking for the biggest Jerichoholics out there!

If you want it come and get it! Don't make the list.

Monday through Friday, 3 times a day, you will have the chance to win the opportunity to see them at this exclusive event. We will be asking Jericho trivia that you will need the answer correctly to win. It won't be easy, but it will be worthwhile if you win! Make sure you listen during the Buzz Adams Morning Show for your chance to win in the morning! Then tune in to Glenn during your workday for another chance and then Veronica Gonzalez gives you your last chance to win for the day. There will be a total of ten days of winning opportunities just for KLAQ listeners.

Keep checking our website to look for more opportunities to win with KLAQ!

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