El Paso has always relied on the Keetch-Byram Drought Index to decide whether or not to allow fireworks. A rating more than 575 is grounds to declare aerial fireworks illegal and, so far, we haven't hit that mark.

Therefore, city council made no decision during yesterday's meeting but they can still ban them next week if the index goes up as it's expected to. County Judge Veronica Escobar told the EP Times:

"We are monitoring the KBDI daily. It is projected in the next 14 days to exceed the 575 points."

Whether fireworks sales are allowed or not remember, the biggest fireworks show around takes place June 26th and 27th during the El Paso Downtown Street Festival. Sponsored by TFCU, the show happens around 10:00 pm both nights whether the sale and use of fireworks is legal or not! Get your tickets at area 7-11/Alon locations, the Plaza Theater box office and ticketmaster outlets.