The internet is a weird place, man. You may remember a couple of days ago Vice President Mike Pence got a first hand look at the migrant detention facilities when touring them in McAllen. He was joined by a delegation of Republican lawmakers and called the situation "tough stuff" before praising the brave men and women of Customs and Border Patrol for their "compassion and professionalism" while protecting our border.

Believe me when I say I have a lot to say about that, but politics aside, I'm here to talk to you about #ICEBae. If you log into any social media platform you may have noticed that the hashtag #ICEBae was trending. Who is ICE Bae you ask? Watch that video again and look past the crowded men behind the cage and there you'll see a female Border Patrol agent standing guard who up until recently was unnamed, but immediately captured the hearts of Twitter users who referred to her as #ICEBae.

The internet quickly found the agent whose name is Kiara Cervantes and the thirst is real!



(You may remember Prison Bae? This is kind of like the same thing).




It didn't take long for the admiration to catch the attention of the agent, who took to Twitter to thank her admirers:




But, as with all things on the internet, there were a lot who were not here for the ICE bae thirst:


There's a lot more pushback to the agent but that's not entirely appropriate for me to post here, but check out the trending hashtag on Twitter to see for yourself. You can also check out ICE bae on Twitter and Instagram if you too are thirsting for her. If you're not here for all this praise, don't worry, as with all things on the internet, what's hot today is forgotten tomorrow.


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