Well, it finally happened. We have had to adjust how we do the Buzz Adams Morning Show live stream. We started the live stream over 5 years ago on YouTube and built a nice following. It got to the point that the regulars in the chat became friends. Heck, we've even had people meet and get married in the chat. We ended up getting pinged on YouTube one day and were hit with a 90 day ban. No warning. No explanation. Nothing. Just a 90 day ban. This led to the move to Facebook.

If we kept getting pinged on YouTube, they would end up taking down the entire channel and all our videos. We couldn't let that happen, so we moved to Facebook. It hasn't been all rainbows and unicorns on Facebook either. We would get pinged on a pretty regular basis. The difference with Facebook was that they would just mute the stream. All we had to do was restart the stream.

Our corporate overlords get the notifications when we would get pinged on Facebook and they finally threatened to take away the stream altogether. Well, I didn't want that to happen. So, over the past few weeks, I've been working with Daver on a solution to get the stream to only broadcast copyright free material. That essentially is just the microphones and telephone. You will hear music when you're watching the Facebook live stream, but that is copyright free music I was able to download and use to at least try to prevent large gaps of silence.

People have also asked about moving to Twitch and if that would solve the issues. First, we are hoping to move to Twitch soon. Not leaving Facebook. But adding Twitch as another platform. Second, no, it doesn't solve the issue of copyright issue. We still have to keep that stuff out.

Is this a perfect solution? No, far from it. But it's the solution we have for now because we aren't allowed to play any copyrighted material online. Do I blame the corporate overlords? Yes, and no. You can guess why I do, but I don't because they do have to worry about getting sued for copyright infringement. And in case you didn't know, getting sued for copyright infringement can get really, really pricey.

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