Okay, I know it sounds weird, movie nights at a cemetery- but it's a thing, not a creepy thing, I swear! Last week, Cinespia hosted a movie night at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery by showing a double feature of the "Scream" movies. Coincidentally, "Scream" is my favorite movie; so when I saw the TikToks, I must admit, I was a bit green with envy.

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The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is famously always showing movies, or having some type of event. It sounds macabre, but these events always look fun and always get packed, judging by the videos.

El Paso has some great movie events- and I've been to many great ones, however I don't think El Paso has ever hosted a movie in a cemetery. Granted, I don't think any cemetery in El Paso is as big as the Hollywood Forever, but we do have a very famous one- Concordia.

Concorida is very much protected here in El Paso, and has it's own preservation society, so trying to have a showing there could be a bit tricky. But could you imagine how cool it would be during autumn in El Paso to see a scary movie at Concordia? I don't think that could ever happen for the two following reasons:

1. El Pasoan's don't pick up after themselves. 

Look at how some of y'all leave Red Sands after a wild weekend. Sure it's all fun and games, but someone has to pick up! If you can't be trusted to pick up after yourselves, how could movies at a cemetery ever be a thing?

2. Some El Pasoan's could see this as disrespectful to the dead. 

It's natural, a lot of people wouldn't want someone sitting on their family members grave just to watch a movie.

So, while I can only dream that one day we'll be able to have events like this, I'm sure that it would only be in the distant- way distant- future. Would an event like this even be wanted in El Paso?

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