There is a group in California called the Courage Campaign that thinks rich people don't pay enough taxes in their state. They're hoping to get an initiative on the ballot that would force them to.

They've started using Kim Kardashian as a negative poster child. Why, Kim K., you may ask. Because, if they used the example of some hard-working immigrant who came to this country with nothing and worked his ass off to build a business and after years of 80-hour work weeks and driving a crappy car he finally succeeded and became a millionaire (and, believe it or not, there are many, many more of this type of millionaires than there are Kim Kardashians), that too many regular people would say "Well, hell, he's earned it. Leave him alone."

By making Kim Kardashian the face of wealthy Americans, they'll be able to convince a lot of those very same people who loved the immigrant millionaire success story that all rich people are like Kim Kardashian.  They aren't, trust me. I've been to many Country Clubs and I've never seen a rich banker or CEO wit an AZZ LIKE DAT, knowwhamsayin'?!?

Here. Watch the video and then I'll explain why I don't think millionaires in California (even Kardashians) need to pay more than what they already do.


Why shouldn't a spoiled, undeserving, no-talent like Kim Kardashian have to pay more?

Because she makes a lot of money? Or that you don't think she's earned it?

Look, I'm no fan of Kim or any other Kardashian. I don't watch their show. I was especially offended last year when I heard she was paid $70,000  to come to some nightclub in El Paso and once there, she never even deigned to come out from her special, roped off VIP area.

But here's the deal. Kim Kardashian doesn't force anyone to pay her money.  She doesn't break into people's homes and force them at gunpoint to watch her hideous show on E.  She doesn't send letters to people telling them that unless they go out and spend their money on her celebrity fragrance (Ass Crack by Kim K., if I'm not mistaken) that they'll be forced to by a government bureaucracy and possibly imprisoned if they don't.

No, regardless of what your opinion of Kim is, she doesn't force people to give her money. Neither does Exxon. Or McDonald's. Or even the guy who sells you a nickle bag of weed every other week or so. These are all voluntary transactions. People agree to give money in exchange for a good or service, even if that good or service is an untalented, Steatopygian hose-beast.  Whoever is responsible for making Kim Kardashian rich did so willingly.

In fact, there is only one kind of racket where you can actually be forced to give money, even if you don't want to.  EVEN if you don't approve of or have any use for the things that money is used for. It's not a drug dealer or a prostitute or a bookie. All of those people are criminals but at least they don't force you to give them money.

Only your government does that.

Oh, but Kim Kardashian only pays 10.3% of her 12 mil in taxes!! That's barely more than someone earning only 47K a year pays!!! Outrage!

Is it? A couple points here.

  1. Please don't get the idea that Kim or any wealthy American pays a measly 10.3 % of their income in taxes! Ha, ha!  Ha HA HA!! (breaks down sobbing). That 10.3% is state income tax which varies from state to state. That doesn't include Federal Income Tax. That alone is 38% for anyone earning over 380,000 a year. That's almost 50 f*$k&* % right there, not even counting Capital Gains, Inheritance, Sales and every other kind of tax Kim shells out. 10.3 %, my fat ass. The day I can look at a paycheck and only see 10.3 % of it missing is the day I'll start passing out $20 bills to every homeless guy sitting next to a highway off-ramp.   Kiss my taint, 10.3%.
  2. Let's see. I might need to get my calculator out for this one.  I'll just round it off...10% of 12 million. Hmmm. Carry the 2 ... divide by....  it's 1.2 million! Kim Kardashian already pays $1.2 million in California State Income Tax! And  SHE'S the one who's not pulling her share?!? F*&& you!

Yeah, but...that money would be used for all kinds of social services that we ALL enjoy like roads and  schools and firemen and little old ladies eating what looks like potatoes au gratin.

But ask yourself this: Does Kim Kardashian drive on roads MORE than the average person? Does she have more fires that have to be put out that someone who only makes $47,000 a year? Does she have to make more visits to the STD clinic than the aver....O.K., bad example.

How about public schools? Well, Kim doesn't have kids. I don't think she does, anyway. Like I already said, I don't watch her stupid show and I really don't know all that much about the bitch.  But I think she does not have kids.

But if she ever does, guess what? They won't be going to public, tax-supported schools. Because public, tax-supported schools SU-U-U-UCK!

She's rich! She'll send her future, mocha-colored, multi-racial kids to a private school.  So she won't even be USING the service that she's already been paying into for all these years. She's paying for OTHER PEOPLE'S KIDS!!

And yet, she needs to pay her fair share.

Special ancillary note to Kim Kardashian ...

... in case she ever happens to read this....Kim. I know I said some mean things about you in this article. I just want you to know I was not trying to be hurtful but I wanted to make a point about respecting the property rights of even those that some people find distasteful. Other people...not me! I actually think you're probably a really nice person and a world class beauty. In fact, I kind of did you a solid here, didn't I? I'm not asking for money here (though, God knows, you've got plenty of it).  A simple handy would suffice if our paths should ever cross.

And, of course, I can't talk about Kimmy in such detail without leaving you with some mouth-watering photos. Enjoy!