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Kim K. vs Iran
Iran is not happy with Kim Kardashian and they are accusing the reality TV star of something serious. Plus, find out what Kim said at the Webby awards.
Sharon Osbourne vs Kim K.
Sharon Osbourne most likely isn't the first name you'd think of when making a list of celebrities likely to post a nude photo in solidarity with Kim Kardashian, and yet here we are.
Kim K. Works Harder than You
Kim K. is sick and tired of people asking her what she does for a living. Check out this video of KK expressing her frustration and then I’ll tell you why she’s so completely full of horses**t.
Kim Kardashian Believes Her Nude Photos Are Art
If you have been living under a rock for the past week, Kim Kardashian's booty took over the internet and scared children everywhere. Even though you might hate Kim K, you can't deny that you saw those scandalous photos for Paper Magazine. Love them, or hate them, Kim believes these photos…

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