Kim Kardashian has been known for showing off her physical qualities and materials. Now some El Pasoans love Kim Kardashian and others just don't for their own personal reasons. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but should keep something in mind for those who don't like her.

Kim Kardashian recently showed off her recent bling in her photo she posted on Instagram. But something not all El Pasoans know is how Kim Kardashian's visit to El Paso paid off in a great way. It's quite sad how some non-profit organizations ask for donations and don't receive much.

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But luckily an El Paso couple used their event to help out the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence. The couple Rosalinda Galvan and David Arteaga owners of Xtreme Entertainment had a plan for when Kim Kardashian came to El Paso. Well, thankfully Kim Kardashian's visit to El Paso brought in a huge crowd and funds.

Kim Kardashian had quite a busy day when she landed in the 915. Her visit consisted of attending a fashion show, eating tacos, Mexican candy, and partying the night away at Wet Ultra Lounge. It was back in 2010 when Kim Kardashian was in the Sun City exploring and doing business. A friend of mine Ebony Plancarte (featured in the photo above) is all about helping out. She was able to meet Kim Kardashian at Wet Ultra Lounge that existed downtown.

The Co-promoter David Arteaga mentioned how Kim Kardashian's visit did some good for our city. The main point for Kim Kardashian's visit was to raise funds for a good cause. Rosalinda Galvan had been a victim of domestic violence in the past and wanted to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Center Against Sexual and Family Violence.

It's nice to know that the owner of Xtreme Entertainment wanted to give back to the place that helped her once. Hopefully, we can see more good deeds like this done to help our city of El Paso. If you need a refresher just check out the video from YouTube's channel Ben Bar above.

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