Comedian and Patriot Act host Hasan Minhaj and you probably have the same thoughts on filing taxes and the "free" sites you find online- they suck. The tax filing deadline was extended this year to July 15th, which means you need to get your life together and file your taxes asap. The first thing you have to figure out is how you will be filing that paperwork. Most people, myself included, simply google "free tax filing" and use whatever sites come up that say they have free tax filing software you can use. Before you actually finish, you will be paying to file. Not because you suck at doing your taxes (which let's be honest you might) but because the first sites that pop up on search engines will tell you their free but in the end, are trying to get money out of you. I've found this out the hard way almost every year I tried filing my taxes on my own. In the end, many Americans surrender to the thought that they won't be able to find simple, easy, free tax software. That's where Netflix's "Patriot Act" host Hasan Minhaj comes in.

In the latest episode of his show "Patriot Act," Minhaj decided to explain why filing taxes can be so difficult, and why you almost always end up spending money to file. Minhaj really goes in on tax filing company Turbo Tax and uses the episode to explain why. Intuit Turbo Tax-Free Edition is listed on their website as a free tax filing option but what people will realize pretty quickly and often through their site is you will hit several paywalls on their site trying to get you to pay for at least one of their upgraded options. The entire episode of "Patriot Act" is extremely informative and will show you how the federal government really could fill out your tax information for you and not make it so difficult, but why would they ever want to help people out like that?

Instead, Hasan Minhaj decided to take the opportunity to create his own website to help Americans find actual free sites to file their taxes. Because when we're making such little money during a recession AND a pandemic, who wants to fork over $60 or more to a tax prep software. If you still need to file your taxes, feel free to check out Minhaj's new website TurboTaxSucksAss. After you're done filing your taxes, feel free to check out Hasan Minhaj's tax filing ASMR video as well as his Tax Avoidance Hall of Fame. Hasan Minhaj, you truly are an asset to all millennials out there.

The 2019 New Yorker Festival - Hasan Minhaj Talks With Carrie Battan
Getty Images for The New Yorker

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