23 year old Phocian Fitts admitted to the local news in Boston that he did, in fact, hit a pedestrian and then sped away before police could arrive. The 80 year old victim died as a result of the hit and run.

The police questioned Mr. Fitts but decided that they didn't have enough evidence to arrest him. So, they let him go.

So, why did Fitts eagerly admit to Channel 25 News that, yes, he was responsible for the hit and run? We have a possible theory.

As you can see in the video below, Fitts claimed that it wasn't a big deal because, for starters, it was a complete accident and, secondly, that "hit and runs happen all the time".

So, maybe it's possible that Mr. Fitts believed that as long as you didn't mean to do it, the police don't care if you take off. Pro Tip for new motorists: even if it IS an accident if you leave the scene before police arrive you are committing a crime.

Also, Lisa and I both think there's maybe a chance that Fitts had seen some episodes of Law and Order and was VAGUELY familiar with the concept of double jeopardy. Is it possible that he was under the belief that, since the police had already questioned him and let him go, he was free to admit everything to the local news?

If so, he quickly learned that double jeopardy only applies to being TRIED IN COURT for the same offense as police quickly re-arrested him after they saw the interview on Channel 25.

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