Sometimes people don't really notice their surroundings while they are driving. Of course, there is a lot that plays into factor when a driver is distracted. The El Paso Police Department took to social media asking for help on finding a hit-and-run driver. I am a strong believer that the truth will ALWAYS come out eventually. Now you should know that a Government building has surveillance cameras set up all over. This means if you do something in that vicinity you will more than likely be identified.

The El Paso Police Department is asking for the hit-and-run driver who crashed into the City Hall to come forward. They're asking for the hit-and-run driver to please call the Special Traffic Investigators at (915) 212-4080. The El Paso Police also mentioned their surveillance cameras but prefer the driver to come forward to resolve the issue quicker. Hopefully, the driver will come forward instead of hiding especially since the surveillance cameras will get them caught eventually.