All Hallows Eve is almost upon us! By now I'm sure you're tired of hearing me go on and on about arguably the best Halloween movie ever "Trick 'R Treat". It's such a great movie- so if you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it (along with other great Halloween movies which you can find more about here). While I was watching "Trick 'R Treat" for probably the millionth time, I got to thinking: "if me and my fellow coworkers from the show were in this movie, who would we be?" If you too are thinking the same thing, keep reading! (Spoiler alert: there will be spoilers in the explanations, so if you don't want spoilers stop now!)

Lisa- Danielle

Lisa would totally be part of the wolf pack! She wouldn't be Laurie (who is experiencing her "first time") she would be the experienced wolf who is guiding the novice.

Brandon- Sam

Brandon would totally be Sam, the costumed character running around all Halloween night making sure that everyone is following the rules of Halloween. He gets into a bad scuffle with Mr. Kreeg which would of course mean.....

Buzz- Mr. Kreeg

...Buzz is Mr. Kreeg! Sure, Buzz didn't accept money from parents to drive a bus full of mentally incapacitated off a cliff, but you know for sure that Buzz doesn't hand out candy on Halloween and can be a bit grumpy. In the end though, he does the right thing.

Joanna- Rhonda

Which leaves me. As the self proclaimed "Hallo-queen" I think I totally relate to Rhonda in the movie. Sure she's a little socially awkward, but the girl has facts on Halloween, and of course, she survives in the end. Also, check out her awesome house; every year for Halloween my goal is to decorate my house like Rhonda's!

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