Whether you have been watching wrestling since you were a kid or just started there's no doubt the WWE is on fire. The next level of entertainers is anything but lame and boring these guys bring it. Their hard work and never say die attitude is what is making the next generation possibly the best since the attitude era.

Take Enzo Amore and Big Cass for instance. I remember watching WWE Raw when these two made their debut. Never and I mean never, have I seen the crowd that loud and they knew their entire promo word for word! With mad microphone skills and an image all their own these two are already superstars.

My favorite wrestlers have always been the rebellious ones, just like the rock bands I love. A lot of greats on the mic are what made this phenomenon wrestling bigger and bigger. With so much entertainment in the WWE over the years, there are just too many greats to mention. So, with that being said who are some of yours?