I have been tempted lately to drive out to Clint just for the food from Silver Streak. When I was given a choice to pick what I wanted I picked Silver Streak. I feel like I have not been able to make that choice so easily because of the distance. I would be able to enjoy their food if it still existed on the Eastside of town. Their place was off Lee Trevino it used to be where Panda Express is now. I am not surprised that after Silver Streak left El Paso a fan page years later would be created. EWJXN has a commercial from the burger joint that aired in 1993. In the commercial above will show you how cheap their meals were then. Last year I had created a poll asking what food chain you would like to see back in El Paso. The only food chains I used in the poll were Chopsticks or Silver Streak. The party with the most votes that you would prefer to have back was Silver Streak.

There are only a handful of places that have some tasty burgers in the 915. My ultimate favorite burger joint is In-N-Out Burger which is over hundreds of miles away. But I have heard and seen delightful things about a handful of these burger places. One place I am always seeing tasty burgers from that I still haven't tried is Steve'Os. As for my family, they all really like eating hamburgers from Papa Burgers. Summer is closely approaching and wonder who you think has the best burgers in the 915. There are some people who would hate to be either cooking at a hot stove or in front of a grill on a hot day. From the looks of it, El Paso is closely approaching hot summer days. Pick who you believe has scrumptious burgers should you choose not to play chef. Remembering Silver Streaks burgers wins them my vote for best burgers in the 915. Change my mind.

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