Have you ever had a craving for a food that just doesn't exist in El Paso anymore? That has happened to me a few times here and there. Now, I figure if it has happened to me it sure as hell has happened to you. I was remembering two places I enjoyed eating at since I was younger. Unfortunately, these times now you can't eat at the places I was craving. There are two places I really miss and wish we could bring back from the dead. The two places that other El Pasoans enjoyed as much as I did are Chopsticks and Silver Streak. If you don't remember Chopsticks, it was located inside Cielo Vista Mall near Sears. Silver Streak kind of exists and I say kind of because if you want it you have to drive out to Clint for it. So out of just those two which food joint would you bring back from the dead to indulge? Leave your two cents below by placing your vote!

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