One dude had to learn the hard way about snow and how White Sands and snow don't mix! Some friends designated someone to be the first to sled down the hill of snow.

I remember visiting White Sands National Monument but only during the summer time. I can't stand to feel cold let alone try and have fun in it. As for this group, they still had fun and some laughs! This dude who didn't reject the idea of sliding down a hill of snow realized why it was a bad idea after. You see him getting ready and prepping himself for his slide down the hill. Now he must have thought it was going to be a casual ride turned out not so much! Felt bad for the dude who was laughed at since his group didn't even bother to ask if he was okay right after.

This sled ride wasn't much of a joyride unless you prefer more of a  Christmas Vacation type of sled ride.