This band is a band to remember by how well they do such a bad ass job performing live! If you were one of the lucky people to check Volbeat out for free concert at Speaking Rock, then you know what I'm talking about.

They have so many songs that are liked by many and it's hard to pick just one favorite. If you had to choose just one out of these three songs, which would you go with?

The first song listed is "Warriors Call" which was a song made for the biggest boxer named ''Mikkel" in Denmark. That song was dedicated to the Danish boxing champion, who had been to a few Volbeat shows and needed an entrance song.

Now as for ''Lola Montez" it's far different from a boxing theme that sings about a Irish born and famous erotic dancer. She was known for her infamous "Spider Dance" that landed her the mistress role for a powerful king.

Finally, "Doc Holliday'' tells the tales of quite a few American outlaws and gunslingers of the 19th Century. It tells a story about a man  John Henry "Doc" Holliday who travels South hoping the climate will prolong his life.

Out of those crazy stories, which song would you prefer to hear at the 2015 Klaq Balloonfest?