Aerosmith fans were in for a shocking surprise when a certain well known actor hit the stage with the band. Many people were surprised to see Johnny Depp rocking out with Aerosmith during their Boston show. Johnny Depp decided to take a quick break from filming to show off his musical talents for this show. Steven Tyler gave this introduction, “Yo! Bringing out on stage my good friend, Mr. Johnny Depp!”

Johnny Depp played around with music at the age of 12 after his mother introduced him to his very first guitar. He eventually dropped out of high school to follow the music path that took a wrong turn when he met Nicholas Cage. Johnny Depp was persuaded into acting because of Nicholas Cage, which I bet Cage regrets that now.

Enjoy this duo with Aerosmith featuring Johnny Depp jamming out to “Train Kept A-Rollin.”



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