So far I have not seen any relatives or friends of mine on Live PD on the A&E channel. I was remembering the times I had to deal with the police and so thankful Live PD wasn't around then.

I didn't do anything crazy if that is what you're assuming just a minor tiff and asked my friends what they would rather be on Live PD for out of four choices. The four choices I gave my friends were DWI,  caught doing the dirty deed, possession of an illegal substance, or public urination. Most of them took a long while to finally pick the one that seemed like the next best charge. It was hard to narrow it down to the one charge that wouldn't seem so bad for live tv. Live PD featured this drunk dude chilling in the parking lot who didn't give a f....

So if you were about to be featured on Live PD, which charge would you take for your family and friends to see? Take the poll below!

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