There are some roads around El Paso that need some repairs. At the same time though it would cause havoc. As it is El Paso has had a lot of construction going on for quite some time now. And of course, El Paso would shut down if a vital commute had to be closed off. So can you imagine how it would be if some repairs were made on a busy roadway? The three roads I believe need major repairs are Montana, Viscount, and Stanton. When I drive on any of those three roads I feel like I am driving Mater from the movie Cars. Because using those roads will have you feeling like you're horse riding. We wish they could make some repairs but at the same time, we don't. The reason why we don't is that we don't have a lot of alternate routes left due to the current construction. By the time other construction projects are done, which road do you think needs repairing? Choose which road has it worse that should be on the top of the list for repairs below!

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