There are tons of places you can teach your teenager how to drive in El Paso. Besides, you should know and be familiar with the spots you first were learning to drive on.

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Although you must keep in mind so many changes have occurred over the year years. For example, the driver's education school I attended near Coronado High School off Resler isn't there anymore.

But we are all familiar with the changes El Paso has faced over the years. Unless that is you live out of town and discover new changes on your next visit to El Paso.

One of the old spots my dad taught me how to drive was at a huge parking lot to an old store that no50px longer exists. The old store I am talking about happened to be Kmart off Alabama.

If you knew that Kmart back then, then you know the parking lot was perfect to learn how to drive in El Paso. But what took the place of that old Kmart happens to now be an apartment complex.

But the old Kmart parking lot had the perfect amount of space for someone who is a nervous wreck like me and learning how to drive. In my opinion, it once used to be the best spot to learn how to drive.

Now the worst spot in El Paso I hated and I know others did too, was Scenic Drive. I remember my dad freaking the hell out when I would take Scenic Drive.

I remember always having a sore right leg because of how nervous I was learning that route. But driving from Central to Coronado High School, I learned that route quickly.

I know a good chunk of friends who learned in the parking lot of Sunland Park Mall, Cielo Vista, and Bassett Place. But I sure am curious about the roads you learned to drive on as a teenager.

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