Do you have a hard time trying to remember events, names or if that dream was just a dream? Me too. Pretty scary especially if it starts to affect your life to the point your spouse worries if you'll make it home. Alzheimer's is nothing to laugh at, it is a horrible condition that leaves it's own mark and causes a lot more stress to your life than you think.

I know I'm only 42 but the thought or no thought process scares me to death. My wife already worries about my memory cause sometimes I can't disassociate yesterday from three years ago. Does the fact that this condition runs rapid in my family mean I'll suffer, yes, it does. My grandfather is going through this as we speak. Pulls and torments those close to you having to realize one day all will be lost.

I have gotten into the habit of writing my days down in a journal so I can rethink my own thoughts. With all the advances in medicine the cure for a troubled brain has to be on the cusps of reality. So when I'm in doubt, I think again or at least I try too.