It's beginning to look a lot like... Valentine's day?!

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That's right, with Christmas right around the corner it's time to forget the elves and all the holiday candy and make room because all the new Valentine's Day candy is moving in!

Is it just me or does it feel like they bust out the Valentine's stuff earlier and earlier every year? I'm still trying to collect all the Christmas tree shaped Snickers and here come all the heart shaped ones.

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It snuck up on me this year and I was completely thrown off guard when I stumbled upon the Valentine's display at Walgreen's. I was especially surprised to see this candy on display:


Gummy. Lunchables. They're gummy candies, but they're Lunchable shaped!

I don't know how I feel about this- like, my brain knows that it's a gummy candy, but my heart wants it to actually be real Lunchables.

Actually, I think I would like it be the actual Lunchables- in a heart shaped box! But make it the pizza Lunchables, because that is the superior one.

I'm sure this year we'll see the usual's; boxes of chocolates, chocolate roses and I'm most excited to see all the local vendors selling chocolate covered strawberries and goodies.

While some of us are still trying to finish our Christmas shopping- these candies are slowly invading the shelves at stores- and soon, it will be a sea of red and pink. It's still two months away, but I guess it's never too early to stock up on some candy!

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