In El Paso, some people have had the struggle of meeting their lifetime partner in town while others were lucky to find love. Hence, why some people feel it is necessary to rely on dating apps to help out in that department. Now either the dating apps will be your friend or your enemy while you're trying to find love.

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It isn't easy finding love in El Paso, Texas since it can basically be its own small little world in a way. For example, the worst thing anyone could ever do is spend time flirting with someone that you within time stop talking to and later become an item with a relative of theirs (you were clueless about) later down the line. Yeah, I say that because it has happened to me in the past which definitely led me to believe El Paso is a small world.

But that is a perfect example of how small of a world it is in El Paso when you hit up the dating pool again. I mean, it seems like people are giving up on apps and now relying on dating shows to find real love.

Salvador was featured on Screen Rant which gushed about the El Paso native's background and personality. So what I don't understand is how someone with amazing qualities like Salvador Perez isn't taken by now.

It actually has me wondering something and curious about your personal opinion about finding love in El Paso. I have heard people complain about how hard it is to find a fitting partner for life.

Finding love in El Paso for some people can be like finding a needle in a haystack. For example, some people have a rule about not dating someone with kids which can filter out some people in El Paso.

Dating in El Paso can be tough especially because of seeing a fair share of unfaithful partners on dating apps. Many years ago I did some snooping for a friend and saw a couple of dudes who were still married to friends I used to talk to on Tinder.

Dating is scary and isn't as fine and dandy as it was before during the old-fashioned days. This leaves me to wonder if single people in El Paso feel it is a mission from hell or heaven on finding love in the borderland. Make sure you place your opinion in the poll below.

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