Do you ever sometimes wish that there were two Halloween's? Well, with Valloween, you could kind of celebrate another Halloween!


What is Valloween?

Valloween is when the worlds of Valentine's Day and Halloween collide! Valloween, as the name implies, is a combination of Valentine’s Day and Halloween- which means you share spooky and sometimes scary Valentine's!

When you think about it, Halloween and Valentine's Day are a perfect combination! Love itself can be very scary and can sometimes turn deadly- also, the whole beating heart thing feels very Edgar Allan Poe-esque! If you're a Halloween lover and a romantic at heart, then this is the perfect holiday for you!

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If you're wondering where you can find some gifts for Valloween, well, you're in luck! Here are some shops in El Paso that you can get some pretty unique Valloween gifts for the person who stole your heart.

Honeybee's Sweets & Treats

If you're looking for something sweet for your sweet, Honeybee's Sweets & Treats offers some Valloween cookies!

Sweet Sorceress

Sweet Sorceress has cooked up something special for the apple of your eye.  You can contact her directly for her "bloody Valentine's" gifts.

The Red Door Vintage

Red Door Vintage already has something for all the horror lovers in your life, why not make their Valloween special with these perfect cards?

Dreadful Things Tattoo

Dreadful Things Tattoo is also a shop that has something for the spooky lover in your life;

Maybe your lover is more of a crystal lover, surprise them with these heart shaped stones!

Tooth & Veil Oddities and Macabre Shop

Tooth & Veil is a haunting gift shop of oddities with gifts perfect for your bloody Valentine, like this heart in a jar, to prove that you do have a heart!

Or you can have your lover eat your heart with this gummy heart encased in a coffin box.

And it wouldn't be Valentine's Day without some Valentine's cards that say what you really want to say.


With these gifts you're sure to have a very spooky and romantic Valloween!

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