Who says chivalry is dead? Well certainly not a couple of El Paso high schools who wanted to do something unique to celebrate Valentine's Day:

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What's the best way into someone's heart? Personally for me, I think singing is a powerful way to show your feelings for someone; to show your romantic side. There's a power that music has that can bring people together & express feelings & emotions that words alone sometimes can't. So for me, expressing one's love in song is powerful & that's exactly a couple high school students did today.

The mariachi bands of both Franklin High & Montwood High celebrated Valentine's Day, "El Paso style" by performing for their schools.

Very talented students indeed. But they weren't the only ones who performed at their school, as one student from Horizon High School decided to not only dedicate a love song (Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars) to his crush, he did it with EVERYONE watching:

THAT takes GUTS. Not everyone can just summon up the courage to perform in front of everyone & be a showman like that, let alone in high school. But that guy showed style & extra romance points giving the bouquet of roses at the end of the video. Although I do feel for him with just getting a side hug but kudos for the performance.

There's been other romantic stories today: like the Irvin High student who got his two teachers to meet & fall in love or the two teachers from Austin High School tying the knot:

I love seeing stuff like this & it makes me inspired to do something like this to show love for MY girl. Happy Valentine's Day El Paso!

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