There are people who are either lucky to be in love or are either happily alone living life without a significant other. Now some people who are single sometimes tend to feel loneliness when certain times roll around. It usually is around the cold times or holidays when you're reminded that you're single and alone and asked if that will ever change.

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Sure some people who have been alone for quite some time adapt to it and prefer to keep it that way despite the loneliness. Then you also have single people who simply wish they could find their match and true love.

As for those people who are hoping to find love in the borderland know all about the struggle. I had a rare instance years ago when I was in the dating scene that definitely proved to me that El Paso is a small world.

But not just that it is tough giving your heart to someone who you're hoping will care for it instead of breaking it. I won't forget the time a Facebook page was created that was called Who's Got the Same Man (El Paso Edition) in 2020.

But oddly enough, that scandalous page is no longer a working page since who knows when but you can read more about it by clicking here. It is no wonder people and previously one of our own, Fernando Cuevas feel how they feel about the dating scene in El Paso.

Plus, it is shocking to see some people who are committed by marriage legally with Tinder profiles. Sometimes the dating scene in El Paso will either make you or break you. I am curious how you would rate the dating scene in El Paso since a certain lovey-dovey day that arrives once a year is almost near.

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