The trailer to the newest installation to "The Purge" franchise, "The Forever Purge", was released last week. This will be the fifth installation to the franchise, but this iteration hits a little close to home, literally!

The newest trailer to "The Forever Purge" reveals that the movie takes place in the great state of Texas- and if you look closely to the trailer, you'll notice some familiar El Paso landmarks!

Yup, that is indeed our Electricity Building and Plaza Hotel Pioneer Park in downtown El Paso. It's a quick glimpse, but I think we all recognized it instantly!

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"The Forever Purge" follows Adela and Juan who are n the run from a drug cartel and battle vicious thugs who plan to continue the violent tradition of the now-outlawed Purge. This version hits theaters on July 2nd, just in time for a Star Spangled Banner Independence Day weekend.

With this final installment of the series hitting close to home, it made me think: "what WOULD happen if El Paso really did have 'The Purge'?" How bad would it really be here? Although, it feels like a real life Purge every time we hear of a stabbing or shooting on Cincinnati at two in the morning; but I digress.

With the upcoming "Purge" due in theaters soon, I decided to envision what the Morning Show would be up to on Purge night. Here is what I think all the members of the show, including Nico, would be up to if any and all crime were legal for 12 hours.


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