I know that on the last episode of "What the Buzz" Emily and I said that we wouldn't forget about the podcast and we'd continue to update it frequently. We didn't forget! Trust me when I say that it has been a hectic few weeks her with us! But we're back and you can hear our latest episode here.

The last we spoke on "What the Buzz" I mentioned I'd be going on vacation and we'd miss that following week's episode. Which did happen. But when I came back I was extremely sick! I came down with what I thought was the flu but it was not. It was just a nasty cold. So that week was out.

Then last week we had NO internet. I'm not exaggerating when I say the whole building was in a complete meltdown! It wasn't just our building, it was the ENTIRE company! We had some really great people working around the clock to get our services up and running, and luckily by the end of the week, we all had internet again!

But we're back! Listen in and you'll get a few exclusives and we even get a guest (interrupter) speaker- Buzz Adams himself. So tune into What the Buzz, and seriously, we'll be back next week!

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