Growing up in the late 80's mid 90's definitely didn't suck. Just before the fall of rock and the rise of grunge there was the Bundy's. That's right a classy bunch of middle class American's just trying to make it to the next day.

The life and disgruntled decadence of this family, is anything but normal. Which is the magic behind all the hijinks. Al Bundy, a four time touchdown scoring, women's shoe selling, a true man among men. With a disappointing career and a much more dismal family this story is REAL! It could have happened to anyone but lucky for us it didn't!

Having a wife who does nothing (sounds too familiar) and two kids one smart and the other a genius (joke) it's no wonder this was a hit. It seems the only logical one is the family pet Buck the dog. Let's not forget their loveable neighbor's and all the lovely ladies of the Jiggly Room. It's no wonder life is and can be hard when you're married with children!