By now, if you have an internet connection, you're aware of the Walmart Yodeling Boy. He's the kid who was filmed yodeling an old Hank Williams song a Capella at the end of a Walmart aisle somewhere in, as our corporate overlords in New York would call it, "The Heartland".

People love this yodeling Walmart kid! So much so that there are now hundreds of tributes on the internet. Yes, the Walmart Yodeling Kid Challenge is a thing.

Last night, MoSho host Buzz Adams was Emceeing the first night of the State Line Patio Concert series and he busted out his own yodeling tribute.

The crowd reaction was mixed. Half of the audience hated it because it came off like Buzz was ridiculing a child. The other half hated it because it seemed like Buzz was making fun of country music. Watch and let us know what YOU hate about it.

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