We just had a nasty cold stretch here in Texas. In El Paso we really lucked out compared to the rest of the state. Looking at the next week or so, we're still going to be a bit chilly, but not anywhere near where we were last week. We're looking at lows in the 40s and highs in the 70s. We might see freezing temps though coming up on Monday, so be aware of that.

Now comes the question. When does 'shorts weather' start? What does the temp need to be in order for you to be comfortable wearing shorts? A recent survey over at YouGov asked over 5000 adults and here are the results:

  • Below 10° - 2% of people said that's shorts weather
  • Between 11° and 20° - 2%
  • Between 21° and 30° - 4%
  • Between 31° and 40° - 6%
  • Between 41° and 50° - 8%
  • Between 51° and 60 - 16%
  • Between 61° and 70° - 25%
  • Between 71° and 80° - 23%
  • 81° and above - 7%
  • Don't know - 7%

Of course, we all know that one guy that wears a parka with basketball shorts. **COUGH** DJ Khaled **COUGH**. Seriously. In the office down in Florida that guy would be strolling around the hallways on the phone with a gigantic parka and basketball shorts on. More often than not he was also rocking flip flops and socks.

This also doesn't take into account where people live though. When I grew up in Oregon, I always wore shorts when I could. But since I've moved to Florida and now Texas, I get cold way easier. 60° in Oregon? Shorts weather. 60° in El Paso? Still pants and most likely a heavy jacket.

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