A Tik Tok user is freaking people out with her story and videos showing a mysterious door that her mother found after a strange dream. Tik Tok user Miranda, known as hippieloumom, put up a series of videos where she explained how she and her mother discovered a secret doorway in her mom's salon.

According to the first video, her mother had a dream that there was a secret door behind a mirror in her salon located in Waxahachie, Texas. In the video the daughter explains:

"So she dreamed that there were dead bodies back here and she dreamed there was a secret door and she f----ng found a secret door."

The mother then headed to the salon and proceeded to move the mirror and rip apart the styrofoam boards behind it. Once she ripped out the layer of insulation, they found a large, black board that was removed as well.  The duo was shocked to find a doorway behind the board.

Unfortunately, the women were unable to open the door but they did explain more about the salon and the salon's legendary neighbor. The salon is connected to the Rogers Hotel, known by residents for its peculiar paranormal activity. According to WaxahachieTx website, some residents of the building have experienced their own unexplained encounters. Seriously, the woman that lives there explained quite a few reasons I wouldn't live there, but she says the Rogers Hotel is simply her home.

Unfortunately, while the women were able to break their way through wooden paneling behind the mirror, they found the doorway had been sealed off with concrete. There were 2 catastrophic fires in 1882 and 1911 and according to the Tik Tok the person who rebuilt it decided to use concrete and put a pool in the basement. According to the Tik Tok user, the owner's young daughter drowned in that pool.

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You can check out the Tik Tok videos above and read more about the creepy haunted stories of the Rogers Hotel at CW 33 News.

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