Let's play a game of "What Ever Happened to That Kid?" Because seriously, the kid from this movie, what the Hell ever happened to him?

Well first off, his name is Miko Hughes and he was huge back in the day. From Pet Semetery, to Kindergarten Cop to Full House, he was was recognizable when ever he was on screen. And unfortunately for him, he's recognizable as one of the things that brings New Nightmare down. It's a decent, very meta concept on the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. But man, he wasn't good in this movie.

Unfortunately for Miko, he couldn't keep the level of fame he had early on and basically faded out, with small parts here and there, but nothing big. He was apparently the Radio DJ in Tropic Thunder if that interests you at all. He hasn't crashed and burned either as far as I could tell.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare Analysis

  • Jump Factor — 3
  • Gross Out Factor — 5
  • Alcohol Pairing — Do they still make Zima? I feel the need to bring up Zima during the 30 Days of Horror