Emily from KissFM and I are back with a brand new episode of "What the Buzz"! The episode is now available wherever you get your podcasts like, like SpotifyRadio Public, Pocket CastsOvercastGoogle Podcasts and Breaker. We're also super excited to announce that we have a new sponsor! This episode of "What the Buzz" entitled "Have a Hel of a Day!" is sponsored by Coffee House of Hel over at 2200 Lee Trevino, Suite B3B, in El Paso. Coffee House of Hel has become mine and Emily's new favorite hangout spot- it's perfect if you're looking for coffee strong enough to wake the dead and if you love horror movies.

In this new episode, Emily and I discuss our recent Facebook Live video we did at Coffee House of Hel, where we got to talk to owners Robert and Helen. We also discuss how we're trying to create content while we're in a pandemic. We also talk about how my glasses broke right in the middle of the show!

Since the start of the pandemic, Emily has been working from home. I've still be coming into what looks like an abandoned office, every day. After approval from the bosses at our company, some of the staff has started coming back into the office- safely of course. We abide by a set of rules that ensure we're not putting our coworkers in danger- we wear a mask when walking around and try to maintain a distance between us. So rest assured that Emily and I safely recorded our new episode. A huge thank you to our sponsor Coffee House of Hel at 2200 Lee Trevino, Suite B3B. Check out the coffee house and tell them Emily and Joanna sent you and check out our new episode, "Have a Hel of a Day" today!

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