As Halloween approaches I'm sure many people want to get in the mood by watching some scary movies. If a movie night is in your plans for your Halloween night in, might I suggest some great Halloween movies?

Recently I revisited the movie "The Ring"- it had been awhile and I couldn't remember why or how that little girl ended up at the bottom of that well. As I watched the movie, I couldn't help but yell at everyone who kept watching the damn videotape! It's like everyone already knew the curse of that tape and everyone still watched it!

That has to be one of the worst decisions in horror movies! At this point I was interested in knowing what other people thought, so we decided to ask our faithful listeners what they thought were some of the worst decisions in horror history and they did not fail me.

Do you know the rules of surviving a horror movie? You don't? Let my friend Randy explain them all to you. Fortunately, these listeners do know the rules and know that either doing it or saying "I'll be right back" are some dumb horror movie decisions.

scream 7

Some listeners decided to just name movies that probably shouldn't have been done, like the "Evil Dead" remake or the theatrical cut of "Halloween".

scream 6

Speaking of "Evil Dead"- yeah, never read out loud the text, you never know what you could be awakening!

scream 5

a good rule to obide by in horror movies is never play the hero.

scream 4

Also, maybe don't touch the cursed item!

scream 3

Here's a story we all know- never, and I mean NEVER go outside if you hear "mis hijos" also, what is with splitting the group up?!

scream 2

And, finally, one of the most decisions- aside from watching "The Ring" tapes, sitting on the floor with your back facing the door- death by mail slot stab!

scream 1
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