A new report from WalletHub has named Texas and New Mexico some of the worst states to spend your holiday in. The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to ravage the country and the El Paso area is getting hit especially hard. Personal-finance website WalletHub decided to look at all 50 states to see which would be the safest to spend your turkey day in and sadly, Texas and New Mexico didn't do well based on their criteria. Health officials around the country are urging families to not gather this Thanksgiving and celebrate with their families virtually instead. Still, there are millions of people around the country who are continuing their annual traditions of heading out to see their loved ones, despite the fact that we are currently in the midst of a pandemic.

WalletHub used 10 key metrics that including:

  • Positive COVID tests this week per capita
  • hospitalizations this week
  • number of multi-generational households in the area
  • crime rate
  • DUI-fatalities and more

Using these metrics as a guide, the news wasn't good for the Land of Enchantment and the Lone Star State. Texas was the 13th worst and New Mexico was the 2nd worst state to spend Thanksgiving in. Only Hawaii and California ranked higher for the number of multi-generational households and Texas was fourth for DUI fatalities around Thanksgiving. Three states (South Dakota, Delaware, and Mississippi) all tied for last place for DUI fatalities around Thanksgiving.

You can read the entire report on the WalletHub website.

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