I know it seems like we have forgotten but we really did not forget about the podcast! We finished off February and we fully intended to record the podcast but TRUST when I say that the end of the month GOT. CRAZY! Episode three of "What the Buzz" is up now and you can listen to it here.

On this weeks episode you'll get to hear some office drama- a rumor from down the halls entered our offices and now we can't stop laughing at it. We also talk about Buzz's (ex?) girlfriend and how single I am. It's petty office gossip but still fun to talk about.

From the last time we spoke I mentioned that I would be turning 30, and I did! Happy birthday to me! But believe me when I say it was not an easy road to get there- literally, there was a car crash! We also get to talk about Metallica taking over our lives when they visited our city. No, we don't automatically get tickets when bands come to town. At the beginning of the concert week NONE OF US knew we'd be going to the concert. But we did and I don't know if it's the fact that I'm 30 now but, it's really taking some time to recover from it.

So tune in and subscribe that way you'll never miss an episode- and I promise we won't forget to record it! Until next time... uh, we still need to come up with a sign off.

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